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Welcome to the Ofen Lab

Welcome to the Ofen Lab for Cognitive and Brain Development at Wayne State University!

We study how children and adults learn and remember information. We are particularly interested in understanding the brain basis for learning and memory and how changes in the brain are linked to changes in behavior as children mature into adulthood.

Dr. Noa Ofen, the lab director, has been an Assistant Professor at Wayne State University since September 2011.

We are located in the Knapp building on 87 East Ferry avenue, right off Woodward Avenue in Detroit’s exciting Midtown.

We are a part of the Lifespan Cognitive Neuroscience Research Program and are affiliated with the Institute of Gerontology, the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute of Child and Family Development, and the Department of Pediatrics in the School of Medicine.

When you come to visit us, don't miss a chance to see what's new (and old) in the Detroit Institute of Arts, check out the library collections at the Detroit Public Library, and visit the current exhibits in the many exciting Midtown museums, all just around the corner.